VS HeadshotPro: Headshot Generator Comparison

November 22, 2023

1 min read

A good business headshot always speaks volumes about your professionalism. It shows off your approachability and confidence which are the most essential attributes for your digital presence. 

However, not everyone has the luxury of engaging a professional photographer or scheduling extensive photoshoots. And here AI headshot generators are really helpful! 

Those services help to turn regular photos into refined and professional headshots. Today, we will compare two popular business headshot platforms — and HeadshotPro. 100+ Photos for a Great Price offers a professional headshot generator that creates great photos for your LinkedIn and CV. On the same website, you can also create great photos for your Tinder, Instagram and other platforms!

First,  you need to upload 10-20 photos to the system. In around 2 hours, you’ll receive the result in your mail.

Users receive 100+ AI-generated headshots, all at an incredibly affordable rate of $9.87

This platform offers variable styles of photos at an unmatched cost, making it the best choice for those seeking substantial options without spending too much. 

HeadshotPro: Tailored Packages for Diverse Needs

HeadshotPro recommends uploading 16 close-up photos and one full-body photo for its AI photo generation. It provides the results within 2 hours. 

The platform offers diverse pricing plans for various user needs. 

For $29, users receive 80 headshots; $39 unlocks an extensive package of 2000 headshots, while $49 grants 360 headshots.

Both platforms offer high-quality AI-generated headshots. However, stands out as the ideal choice for those prioritizing a cost-effective yet substantial quantity of professional headshots. 

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