How to Take Professional Headshots

November 4, 2023

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Networking and personal branding are very important these days. Having the right image can make all the difference. This is especially true for your LinkedIn profile and CV The headshot you choose speaks volumes about your personality, competence and professionalism. But the challenge lies in creating that perfect headshot. So, let's dive into how to succeed with headshots and how Photo AI can help.

Taking DIY headshots

Your Linkedin profile is your digital business card. It shows your skills, experience, and professional journey. But even the most impressive LinkedIn profile can be easily overlooked if your headshot isn’t professional. Here are some tips for creating a good headshot yourself:

Lighting is Key to Everything: Find a well-lit area with natural light. Avoid direct sunlight: it can cause harsh shadows. Soft, diffused light works best for this kind of shots. Position yourself facing the light source to create a flattering picture.

Background Matters: Select a clean, uncluttered background. A plain wall or backdrop in a neutral color is ideal..

Camera Setup: If you're using a smartphone, ensure it's set to the highest resolution. Use a tripod for stability and a timer or remote to take the shot hands-free.

Framing: Frame the shot from the chest up, focusing on your face. Maintain good posture and position your face at the center of the frame. Keep the camera at eye level for a natural perspective.

Wardrobe Choice: Dress professionally in an outfit suitable for your industry. Choose subtle patterns and neutral colors  to avoid distractions. 

Expression: Show confidence and approachability with a relaxed, genuine smile. Your eyes should be engaging and friendly.

While doing your headshot at home is not at all a bad choice, there is a way to create your headshot much faster! In just a few hours you will receive 100+ Linkedin headshots for yourself with minimum effort! 

Headshots from Photo AI

Now, let's explore how to create professional headshots with Photo AI. The service offers a LinkedIn photo pack ideal for making an impressive online presence.

1. Select Your Best Shots: Begin by selecting the photos that best represent you. The LinkedIn pack from Photo AI ensures you get a selection of shots that look natural and professional.

2. Upload Your Images: Take the chosen photos and upload them to the Photo AI platform. Our advanced AI algorithms will get to work.

3. Choose the Best Shots: In just a few hours, you'll receive over 100 AI images that you can use for your LinkedIn profile. Pick the shots that you feel truly represent you and your professional journey.

With Photo AI LinkedIn photo pack, you're going to receive stunning images that can give your LinkedIn profile the boost it needs. Remember, your professional journey starts with your digital presence. Make it count.

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