How to get the '90s AI portraits

October 29, 2023

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A messy hairstyle, high-waisted jeans, all the glitters, bright colors. The '90s were an unforgettable era with iconic. No wonder it’s making a comeback, again! Today, a wave of '90s nostalgia has taken over social media, with '90s AI portraits gaining a lot of attention. 

I’m sure you want to get some 90s vibes on your feed too!

Photo AI Polaroid Pack takes this obsession with '90s aesthetics and runs with it! Let's dive into this trend and relive those '90s through AI-enhanced portraits.‘90s AI trend.

‘90s trend

Why are '90s trends making a comeback? The '90s celebrated individuality, and it seems like ’20s of the new millennium are all about it too. ‘90s fashion and culture have made a strong return. 

Everyone seems to be obsessed with the nostalgic charm of '90s TV shows, fashion, and of course, photography. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are flooded with '90s-inspired content, and the '90s AI portrait trend has taken over everything!

And we know how to help you hope on this trend right now!

Creating AI '90s Portraits

Let’s get it on with Photo AI's Polaroid Pack!

Step 1: Pick Your Shots

Begin by selecting your photos for transformation. It’s better to use close-up portraits for perfect results. 

Step 2: Transform with Polaroid Pack

Upload your chosen images to Photo AI and choose the Polaroid Pack. This transformation process will give your photos the authentic look and feel of '90s Polaroids, complete with their distinctive color palettes, soft focus, and nostalgic charm.

Step 3: Embrace the '90s Vibes

When the transformation is complete, you'll receive a collection of 100+ '90s-inspired images with sepia tones and faded hues that will transport you back in time. 

Now, you're ready to share these unique creations with the world!

Take your AI-enhanced '90s portraits and share them on your favorite social media platforms. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are perfect for showing off your newfound '90s vibes. Use relevant hashtags like #AIyearbook and #ThrowbackThursdayAI to connect with others who share your passion for nostalgia.

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