Create AI Art from your selfies with Fantasy Avatar Pack

June 29, 2023

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It feels like the future of photography is rewritten forever. AI-generated photos are getting even better with every single day. At this point, we hardly need photoshop: we can create new photos of ourselves for Tinder and Linkedin, we can change our clothing in the photo, and we can even reimagine ourselves as fantasy heroes in a matter of minutes. 

Will real photography even stay relevant after this? It’s hard to tell. But one thing is for sure. We can use all the benefits of AI photography and create something extraordinary with it right no! 

There are many tools out there that can help you create an AI art in a matter of seconds. But how about turning yourself into art? 

How AI photo generators work

AI photo generators operate by using powerful algorithms and deep learning models. These systems analyze the features and details of your selfies, captures the nuances of your facial expressions, contours and characteristics. After processing this information, the AI generates a transformation that applies various styles. 

Or in this case, fantasy style!

With, you can just upload your photos and receive 100+ fantasy avatar images of yourself in a few hours. By the way, here you can also get amazing new photos for your Tinder and Linkedin.

How works

Now, to turn yourself into a fantasy character, you’ll need to go through the following 3 simple steps. 

No worries, it's extremely easy. 

1. Sign up to and choose Fantasy Avatar Pack.

2. Upload at least 10 photos of you. Follow the tips to get the best results!

3. Wait for a few hours. You’ll receive an email when your photos are ready.

That’s how you can get more than 100 fantasy avatar photos. Let's impress your friends with your new photos!

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Discover a new you with AI photos!

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